In the game, you unlock different animals as you progress through the levels. They are used for many different things, such as delivering orders, conpleting quests, or selling them to gain a few Country Coins. You start with chickens by making a chicken coop. After you have made your animal pen you must continue by feeding and watering them. To do this you should check you have some chicken feed by clicking the mill. You will see a list of different animal food there all of which need different ingredients which you will aquire as you level up. To make chicken feed you need two wheat per feed. Once you are happy with the amount you are going to make you press mix and it'll start creating the food. When it's done you click your chicken coop and click the trough icon which'll feed them a begin the process of making a chicken. Watering the animals is optional but it gives the benefit of making the process 20% faster than without it. To water the animals click their pen and click the water droplet icon and it'll be applied. You can get more water by clicking the supply tower and buying some more.

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